Every animal tells a story.


It started with one tiny sick kitten - and here we are 2 years later.

I’ve been photographing adoptable animals and making video for animals welfare organizations professionally and as a volunteer for the past five years. When Smush came along, it was only natural to make a “before and after” video about her journey from sick kitten to forever home.

I could never have expected the video I created (above) to go viral on Facebook… and for my little rescue cat with the smushie face to become an internet superstar. That was never the goal.

But it happened - and because sometimes unexpected things happen, you just have to run with them.

I took a trip to Puerto Rico professionally with Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program at the University of Florida to document shelter consultations and a big adoption event in the wake of Hurricane Maria. I realized when I was traveling that the Shelter Medicine Program was fully funded by grants and donations. I was in shock - but also inspired to do something about that if I could. Smush’s life was saved by a former vet student from that same program - and I created a GoFundMe to start a fune at UF in Smush’s name. I took to social media and we raised nearly 4000 dollars.

It was then that I realized I wanted to do more … and The Smush Foundation was born.

Funds raised through our 501(c)3 are used to support various animal welfare organizations, specifically those who support open adoptions and TNR. I also travel to shelters/rescues to help with photography, video and marketing of their adoptable animals.

I am so inspired by your generosity and I know that by working together through The Smush Foundation we can create real change for animals. Smush was once a sick little kitten saved by a vet student, then fostered for four months while she recovered from ringworm and finally, adopted by me and my wife. It truly takes a team to save animals. From intake - to adoption. Thank you all!!!

Shannon, President of The Smush Foundation


The Smush Foundation’s mission is to raise money for animal welfare organizations, including animal shelters, rescue groups, and shelter medicine programs, and to provide education, instruction and support on marketing and photographing techniques designed to increase animal adoptions.

EIN: 83-1409745